GRRLWORKS is an independently run art and accessories store based in Leeds. This store is a passion project of mine and every bit of support, whether it is a purchase, a good review or a share on social media, means the world to me.

All of my prints are made from 100% recycled materials, and all my packaging for my orders is reusable and/or recyclable. Additionally, 25% of my profits each month go to a charity that is relevant to the current social climate, or personal to myself.

Follow @grrlworks on Instagram for updates as to where your money is going, as well as previews/works in progress of upcoming products, as well as information as to when they will be available.

My personal Instagram is @kkelsraynor and my portfolio of writing and photography can be found at www.kelseyraynor.com.

Thanks again, and lots of love,

Kelsey x